Friday, March 4, 2011

sock knitting [ and why it isnt as intimidating as it seems]

Firstly, a quick hello to my new followers! :)

Next, since I began knitting, there was always one thing I was worried about, one thing that I really didn't feel like I should dare attempt. That, my friends, would be knitting a sock. I am not certain what it is about a sock that seems to cause knitters to drop their needles where they stand. Their faces seem to imply they would rather give up knitting forever than create some warmth for their own feet!
Well, even now, I'm still not certain what it is about socks that is so scary. The closest I could come to would be the heel, which is created with short rows, which really aren't so frightening after all!

So, I decided to dedicate a post with sock heels. Well, unfortunately I am past the heel of my own sock, so i can't make my own post with photos/video, so i'm going to provide a few videos that may help you. Perhaps when I am on the second sock i will do something. In the meantime:

I can't recommend theknitwitch [seen below] enough. all of her videos are simple, to the point, and very helpful for people unfamiliar with stitches.

I hope seeing it done first hand can help those of you who are feeling intimidated by socks to feel fearless and adventurous once more. It really is as simple as knitting/purling, and then well, turning your needles around.

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