Thursday, January 20, 2011

On tuesday evening, we made pie. Well, actually, post work i was feeling pretty fatigued, so while i skyped with a friend while in bed, my sister actually made this:
Chicken Pot Pie from a betty crocker book i tried to remember the name of but evidently failed.
She claims she can't cook but it came out great, go figure! I think she just lies to get out of doing things, heh

It really was quite delicious. My only problem was- and for the record, not the fault of the cook but of the recipe itself - the fact it was a little bland. salty, yes. Bursting with flavor? not so much. Thus in the photo you can see i added some cayenne pepper to mine. I just like spicy food so much i had to. Cayenne powder, how on earth did i ever live without you?

Next up, i baked cookies for dessert. The recipe was adapted from the one on the side of my Robin Hood quick oats.

I included water but did not have any eggs in this recipe. They came out flat but i think it was best they did, kind of added to the flavor. They were absolutely delicious. I added flax seed and such. I had two, everyone else had some and then the following morning i packed them up into a container and brought them to school with me. I was only there briefly for one period[45 minutes] When i went to collect my container it was completely empty! I was so glad people liked them. I'll definitely be bringing more things into school. I'm considering bringing in some shortbread cookies shaped like various animals [best cookie cutters i ever invested in, thanks wilton!] with a bit of melted chocolate drizzled like a border. If I have time on sunday evening it is a will do.

I am working on a pullover. Decided to make it striped in navy blue and light grey.

as you can see i am not very far. Knitting 40" of plain stockinette ith 246 sts per row gets a little tedious, so i cant do very much at a time. It's more of a lazy evening/school/late night Psych watching project more than anything else.

I am going to cast a hat on once i'm done writing this though, just to get my 4th hat for the month done. 4 hats a month is such a simple thing to do. I'm glad i can do them quickly so i have time to do other things.

My rug hooking is coming along nicely. The only problem i am having is the crochet hook is really hurting my fingers. I need to try out the latch hook i have, I suppose. I almost have his head done though!

As you can see there are a lot of gaps in the head. I'm still getting used to positioning the crochet hook in the best place to punch the holes so i don't get that gap. Hopefully the body will have less spacing.

Finally, I made some granola tonight. I wish i had taken the time to go to Bulk Barn and pick up more nuts and seeds however it was 10pm when i began making this, so i used some peanuts, sunflower seeds, oats, flax seed, maple syrup, a bit of oil, and some misc. seeds from a trail mix i had lying around. Unfortunately those 5 extra minutes i left them in while i ran upstairs kind of caused it to burn a little. Its a bit crunchier than i'd hope but it is still entirely delicious and i intend to enjoy it all week long. I am trying it out with some cranberry yogurt and a few fresh blueberries.

It tastes as good as it looks, yes.

All this foodmaking has put me into good spirits, I have to admit. Something so simple can really relieve all the stress you were feeling. I have accomplished a good bit the past few days. I am having no difficulty with school work either which is fantastic.

It has been such a long, tiring week, so i'm glad i can finally just finish this math homework off, and rest alll day tomorrow[not working, yay!] Work today was so busy as we had a lot of new kids, i had two new kids alone at the junior table where i work most of the time.

Off to get that finished so i can hopefully get to bed early for once.

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