Wednesday, January 5, 2011

52 Hat-A-Long + the end of the holidays

It seemed so abrupt, the end of the holidays. I suppose it was because in the end, it never felt like a vacation in the first place. It was very rainy the past few weeks, even on christmas eve it was miserable. However, today we had sunshine! It has been so long since the shine shone that my eyes could not adjust, i was just squinting, even with my sunglasses on!

52 Hats in 52 Weeks
I have 3 out of 52 hats done so far. I have a lot of other things to work on so I figured I would get a head start. Sadly I can only dream of having the time to do that any other month. more than likely, i will fall behind, but that's all you can do.
Here are some photos of the 3 hats.

Godrics Hollow

Slouchy Ridges Hat


365 Books in 365 Days
I just finished my third book. I'm aiming for 30 a month rather than one literally every single day. I don't have a lot of time to read or do much else, but yeah. I started an account for my novel reviews. I'm not sure how to write them so perhaps with more experience i will share.

1. The Black Dudley Murder by Margery Allingham (a tad dragged out but interesting all the same)
2. The Sea by John Banville (dreadful, was painful to get through. Plenty of words with no real plot value or character growth imo)
3. Slow Man by JM Coetzee (pleasant, would read again)

Picked up my schedule today. I have:
math level 3 with Dave
biology level 3 with Chad
human dynamics + something i forget with Ann
Enterprise with Ron
and i guess i will be doing nl studies off the record.

Went to the doctor today and got a clean bill of health. My vision couldn't be better, my blood pressure is perfect, cholesterol is fine (this was a relief as all three are common in my family) They were things I had been wondering about for quite some time so it is good to know I am actually quite healthy.

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