Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new year, everyone. I have a few resolutions this year. Some of them are useless goals, hobbies - others are for personal gain and growth, and others are for the good of people around you, friends or strangers. I like to have a good balance of all mentioned.

- finish 12 video games (ideally 1 a month as opposed to cramming several into my last two months in a stressed frenzy)
- read 365 books in 365 days
- read at least 40 novels from the 1001 books you must read before you die list
- lose 30-50 pounds
- save up $4000+ for car restoration project
- be more social
- knit 52 hats in 52 weeks
- knit 11 pairs of mittens in 2011.
- graduate school in June

All are pretty reasonable goals to me. Some will take a bit of effort, but thats where the fun lies, after all. I actually just finished my first hat. One down, 52 to go! I'm hoping to get more like 60+ truthfully. Some will be for gifts and maybe two more for myself, but the rest will probably go to charity.

I have plans to take Boxknits to higher levels this year. I don't expect almighty progress but I have plans to make people more familiar with the title, at the least!

Here is a quick photo of the hat:

I had intentions to make this a more interesting update, but it is 3:20am. I want to get this hat off the needles, and - in typical fashion - cast on yet another. plus, i'm watching psych.

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