Sunday, December 19, 2010

So, after a 2 month hiatus of knitting and crafting and, well, its kind of like I was going through like on cruise control lately.

I officially went on my holidays for school on the 18th, so I baked so many things. Candy cane Cookies, tie dye shortbread cookies, and 20 Chocolate Chunk Muffins.

Last night I picked up my needles for the first time since mid to late October, and I cast on a hat - the Cap Karma Hat which was a really simple pattern. For those of you without Ravelry who would like the pattern [me imagining i have loads of readers, clearly..] CLICK HERE
Here is a photo of mine, knit for my sister as a christmas gift - because nothing beats knitting gifts 5 days before they are due ;)

I liked the hat as it was but when I saw a modified decreasing where you could continue the cables, it was far too nice to pass up on. I muddied it up but it worked out. You can see the pattern for the cable modification HERE

On Sunday, I started knitting a pair of Cruiser Mittens. Again, for those of you without Ravelry, CLICK HERE.
These mittens really are quite lovely, they're almost like a mens version of Bella's mittens, as the cable is the same 'whale tail' shape. They are a surprise gift for christmas, so I can't get him to try them on. They are too big for me, and too small for my father, so this leads me to believe they will fit the recipient perfectly.

This is only the second time I have used my Harmony needles. Every knitter should have a pair of these, though if i ever got the interchangeable kit, I would probably go for the nickel plated ones. Do recommend, all the same. The circulars are enjoyable, too!

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