Sunday, May 22, 2011

Abalone KAL

Every now and then, the girls at The Rooms tend to do a KAL that lasts a month but in reality can take longer because some projects are hellish. This time around, we've decided to do Abalone, a short sleeved cardigan that you could also alter into a vest. Abalone doesn't button up, it rests against your body with a curved hem, it's really quite nice.
Another awesome thing about this pattern is that it doesnt come in S,M, L, etc. you get to adjust it yourself by measuring from nipple to nipple, and comparing that to your gauge. I have never actually bothered with gauge before, nor have I ever made a swatch until this project, so it seemed intimidating to me. If it feels the same way to you, don't even worry about it, it's not nearly as difficult as it may sound. Anyway, in the end you'll have a garment perfectly tailored to fit your body.
I only just finished the increases, so theres' nothing too interesting to show you as of yet, except..

Malabrigo Rios is awesome. Awesome. You can see in the second photo posted above how shiny this is, and all the photos capture the diversity and variation in the color. Almost every stitch ends up a different shade of blue. The color I purchased is called Aguas. There are a few negative reviews on this yarn, but ultimately it all depends on your preferences. I find the fact its silky/slippery more convenient because it makes it easier to work with, and looks nicer. All in all if you're a Malabrigo fan, check it out, for sure.

- Cind.

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